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Matters needing attention in selecting instruments and equipment

2019-05-15 09:11:32
First of all, according to the needs of enterprises'products, the purpose of purchasing is to ensure that the quality of products is controlled. Therefore, we should pay attention to the adaptability of instruments to enterprises' products. For example, the test time before furnace should be as fast as possible, the incoming test should be able to print test reports, and the product test should take into account the authority of instruments.

The professional requirements of single products such as steel, wire rope and other production units can be reduced appropriately. Enterprises such as casting copper alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and so on should pay special attention to the professionalism of the instrument. Generally speaking, the professional instrument testing is more accurate and convenient.

According to the scale of enterprises, the demand for instruments is generally divided into three categories: large, medium and small. Large enterprises can generally configure high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and direct reading spectrometer. The cost of laboratory can be controlled at about 1 million yuan.

Enterprises with poor conditions and poor economy may consider installing non-aqueous carbon and sulphur analyzer, 721 spectrophotometer and 328ab analytical balance to prepare laboratories, and the total price of a 15-square laboratory is less than 10,000. Like most enterprises in our country at present, we should not only meet the need of quality control, but also test timely and accurately. We can configure a high-speed carbon-sulfur analyzer with high automation and a computer element analyzer. The cost of the whole laboratory is between 15,000 yuan and 18,000 yuan.

If the non-ferrous metal manufacturer does not need to determine the content of carbon and sulphur elements, the total price will be around 10,000 yuan if only a computer multi-element analyzer and weighing balance are selected, together with all chemical glassware and a set of chemical reagents.

In terms of the quality, price and service of the instrument, we mainly consider the service ability of the instrument supplier. At present, the quality of high-grade products such as large-scale direct-reading spectroscopy is better than that of domestic products, and the price is not comparable. The quality and performance of domestic mid-grade instruments are much the same, and their functions are slightly different.

Generally speaking, the service quality of the manufacturers is better than that of the merchants. The service with sales outlets is more timely, but it depends on the public service of each manufacturer to the society. Commitment content, special consideration of equipment maintenance beyond warranty period and supply of spare parts and consumables.

Notes: First, we should choose our own used brands and well-known brands. The warranty of well-known brands is guaranteed. When purchasing products, we must use them first. If we encounter product quality problems, we should contact suppliers as soon as possible. We can solve the quality problems of products as soon as possible, such as replacement, maintenance and so on, because manufacturers have to produce products. There is a certain time limit for the replacement.



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